Notes from today, and homework for Wednesday, April 27

On Wednesday, April 27 we’ll be discussing process documentation: the capture or record of how something is done, made, or produced so that others may learn the process. Please read the following articles: Edge, “Write it Down!” and Robinson, “Documentation Dilemmas.” Also know that there will be a very short quiz on the readings. You have one blog post assignment as well.
  • Find one example of process documentation in any format
  • Read it!
  • Write one 100 word (or more!) blog post in which you describe, summarize and critique your example and link to it if possible; if you find a video, embed it into your post
  • Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your example in class

Slides from today are here. If you have ANY questions about your research paper, whether it is about my comments, or how to accept or reject changes, or anything else regarding the content or format of your paper, please get in touch. I’ll be around campus for much of Spring Break, and near email at other times. The final version of your research paper is due Monday, May 2.


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