Notes for next week

Hope every0ne is having a relaxing and productive Spring Break. I wanted to remind you all about next Wednesday’s reading assignments, blog homework, and very short 2-question quiz on the readings (see my earlier post for links to the readings) . Starting next week, we are going to discuss the documentation of processes and its importance in academic and professional work. See my earlier post for more information about process documentation, or use the internet to learn more, taking into consideration all we have covered concerning the importance of critical evaluation of web resources. The readings for Wednesday 4/27 will also help you understand process documentation. The blog post assignment for Wednesday is a bit different from past blog assignments:

  • Find one example of process documentation in any format (print, online, video, audio)
  • Read it!
  • Write one 100 word (or more!) blog post in which you describe, summarize and critique your example and link to it if possible; if you find a video, embed it into your post
  • Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your example in class

~Prof. L.


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