online documentation

With so many files that so many people taking for granted is no wonder why online users are so mixed up finding documents that they are important to them. Luckily for us we can stored files onto the computer without the hassle of our files being lost. However public computers can not be stored for security reasons. Like other people they use memory cards such as USB, Flappy disks, and CD rom to save online files. There are so many ways to save online, one great way to save files is using favorites that way it will save time without typing a single keyword. Another way to save online is by exporting into specialized files such as PDF, JPEG and etc. By using the PDF you can look back at your online file and not worrying about updates or notices. preserving online Documents is critical to so many people. They tend to save it on to a disk for future references, others email themselves and soon thereafter put it in a file. Other websites such as Google does just that saving online documents on google is easy and it is free to use. If people preserved online documents without having to close the window and reopen it and find out that the webpage is either updated or deleted. Most likely people will find the document on their file and not wasting time searching every keyword.


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