About the documentation project and presentation

This week’s class meetings are devoted to in-class time to work on your online documentation projects and presentations. If your group wants to practice your presentation using the presentation software and smartboard in our classroom, please let me know. I’m glad to come in early or stay late so you can access the room to rehearse your presentation.

Presentation resources: I mentioned a few websites and other online resources that you might want to use for your presentation. Search by Creative Commons  allows you to find images, audio, and video that you are free to use without permission . Always verify that the image, video, or audio you are using has a creative commons license attached to it, and be sure to give attribution as required by the license. Not all licenses are the same, so be sure to click through and review the terms of the license for the media you wish to use. Prezi is an online presentation application that animates your presentation; you can import a PDF, a Keynote presentation, or a PowerPoint presentation. Google Docs has a web-based presentation  application built in as well. It does not have all the features of Powerpoint, and it is possible to share the document among your group and upload existing PowerPoint presentations.  The Software Center in the CUNY Portal offers  Microsoft Office 2010 software, including PowerPoint, to students for free.  Log in just like you would for Blackboard, then click on E-Mall, then Software Center to browse and download.

Next Monday we’ll do the course evaluations, so I will need one volunteer to bring completed evaluations to Namm 227. There will be a brief reading and a video to view. I’ll post some discussion questions here ahead of class, so please check back in the middle of the week.

Good luck, everyone! As always, email me with your questions.

~Prof. Leonard


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