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Good Source/Satanic Worship

How do you know a source is good? Evaluate all the content in the books, journal articles and so on. More than one person usually edits these and so it is usually correct information. This article is about satanic worship/ abuse. The name was abbreviated; this made people think it is a medical term. Therapy is used for children that went threw ritual abuse. This kind of abuse is thought to be associated with Satan and against Christianity. It is a way for teenagers to show rebellion against authority. Men not women do the vast majority of ritual abuse to children. Usually women help the children get out of abuse, usually a mother or someone close.

Funding for drugs and other health care programs

Funding is provided these days by government and other private companies to make money for them not to better the world. They will not fund things that are beneficial to people unless it brings forth profit for them. If in research they find that a drug cures kidney stones and something else they will not tell you it cures both. If they told you that it cures both that will eliminate the need of the drug that cures kidney stones. Less profit for them.

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hw for 3/9 search engines, databases, keywords

This reading talks about databases, which are used, in alphabetical basis. On a search engine their keywords that can be used usually on the top right corner. Key words are very helpful in the sense that we can get to the information quicker. But this is sometimes not perfect, in the reading it was said that keywords could make a person find the wrong information. Because the computer does not know what a person is thinking so it’s better to be very specific about what you are searching. They discuss accurate and better ways to search the web. Search engines are used to get data and are organized alphabetically.