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LIB 1201, Fall 2011

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Group presentations

Last week we decided the order of presentations on May 23 and May 25.

On Monday, May 23

1. Aman, Stuart, Joel

2. Khamarin, Wilmer, Marc

3. Jia Lu, Philip

On Wednesday, May 25:

1. Mona, Alejandra, Astrid

2. Lenin, Jeff, Irelis

On Wednesday, May 18 we’ll work in groups in A540 one last time. If any groups want to rehearse in the A543 classroom ahead of time, please let me know. I will plan to be in the classroom starting around 9 both days so groups can set up. Good luck!

~Prof. Leonard

Reading and discussion for Monday

On Monday we’ll return to our usual classroom (A543). Please read Berners-Lee, “Long live the Web: A call for continued open standards and neutrality,” and watch the video EPIC 2015 by Sloan. There is no blogging homework for Monday, but please come to class prepared to discuss the following questions:

  • Has the way that you think about information changed over the course of this semester?
  •  Has the way that you use information changed over the course of this semester? How?
  • What do you see as the future of information?
  •  What challenges will this future bring?
  • What opportunities?
  • Are you ready?

Wednesday 5/18 will be our last day of in-class work on the group documentation project. Please get in touch if your group wants to rehearse your presentation in A543 ahead of time. It might be a good idea to get familiar with the Smartboard and the computer so you can give a smooth and polished presentation.

~Prof. Leonard

About the documentation project and presentation

This week’s class meetings are devoted to in-class time to work on your online documentation projects and presentations. If your group wants to practice your presentation using the presentation software and smartboard in our classroom, please let me know. I’m glad to come in early or stay late so you can access the room to rehearse your presentation.

Presentation resources: I mentioned a few websites and other online resources that you might want to use for your presentation. Search by Creative Commons  allows you to find images, audio, and video that you are free to use without permission . Always verify that the image, video, or audio you are using has a creative commons license attached to it, and be sure to give attribution as required by the license. Not all licenses are the same, so be sure to click through and review the terms of the license for the media you wish to use. Prezi is an online presentation application that animates your presentation; you can import a PDF, a Keynote presentation, or a PowerPoint presentation. Google Docs has a web-based presentation  application built in as well. It does not have all the features of Powerpoint, and it is possible to share the document among your group and upload existing PowerPoint presentations.  The Software Center in the CUNY Portal offers  Microsoft Office 2010 software, including PowerPoint, to students for free.  Log in just like you would for Blackboard, then click on E-Mall, then Software Center to browse and download.

Next Monday we’ll do the course evaluations, so I will need one volunteer to bring completed evaluations to Namm 227. There will be a brief reading and a video to view. I’ll post some discussion questions here ahead of class, so please check back in the middle of the week.

Good luck, everyone! As always, email me with your questions.

~Prof. Leonard

Notes from today, and more about the documentation project

Today we talked about the online documentation project, due on Wednesday, May 25 by the beginning of class. If you were not in class today, you should have gotten an email from me assigning you to a group for the online documentation project. We are devoting the next three classes and Wednesday, May 18 to group project work. You will need to get together outside of class time to finish the project and rehearse your presentation, so be sure to exchange contact information and compare schedules.

I will do my best to get your research papers graded and returned to you by the end of the day Thursday.

~Prof. L

Today’s notes, and tips for Monday

Today we talked about process documentation. Many of you had good examples of documentation successes and failures from your work and school experience. If you want to get credit for today’s blogging assignment, please post by 10 a.m. Friday. Instructions are here. On Monday we will discuss documentation some more: standards, methods and styles for practices and processes. We will spend some time talking about the final documentation project as well. Slides from today are here.

As you know, the final version of the research paper is due Monday at 10 a.m., either as an email attachment or as a print copy handed in at the beginning of class. Please review the checklist (.pdf) before turning in your final version. If you have any questions about the paper, please do not hesitate to get in touch, but do not wait until the last minute. Good luck!

~Prof. L.

Notes for next week

Hope every0ne is having a relaxing and productive Spring Break. I wanted to remind you all about next Wednesday’s reading assignments, blog homework, and very short 2-question quiz on the readings (see my earlier post for links to the readings) . Starting next week, we are going to discuss the documentation of processes and its importance in academic and professional work. See my earlier post for more information about process documentation, or use the internet to learn more, taking into consideration all we have covered concerning the importance of critical evaluation of web resources. The readings for Wednesday 4/27 will also help you understand process documentation. The blog post assignment for Wednesday is a bit different from past blog assignments:

  • Find one example of process documentation in any format (print, online, video, audio)
  • Read it!
  • Write one 100 word (or more!) blog post in which you describe, summarize and critique your example and link to it if possible; if you find a video, embed it into your post
  • Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your example in class

~Prof. L.

An example of process documentation

Process documentation is the recording or writing down the steps of a process. First, a need for instructions or a plan is identified. Then the process is performed, and all of the steps in the process are recorded or written down.  The documentation can be a text document in print or online (a Word document or a wiki, for example), or it can be a video or audio file, or a series of images that show someone else how to carry out the instructions or implement the plan identified in the first step. By way of providing an example of process documentation, I want to show you a video that documents the process of working with Track Changes in a Word document, something you will need to know how to do to prepare your final research paper, which is due on Monday, May 2. ~Prof. L.

Notes from today, and homework for Wednesday, April 27

On Wednesday, April 27 we’ll be discussing process documentation: the capture or record of how something is done, made, or produced so that others may learn the process. Please read the following articles: Edge, “Write it Down!” and Robinson, “Documentation Dilemmas.” Also know that there will be a very short quiz on the readings. You have one blog post assignment as well.
  • Find one example of process documentation in any format
  • Read it!
  • Write one 100 word (or more!) blog post in which you describe, summarize and critique your example and link to it if possible; if you find a video, embed it into your post
  • Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your example in class

Slides from today are here. If you have ANY questions about your research paper, whether it is about my comments, or how to accept or reject changes, or anything else regarding the content or format of your paper, please get in touch. I’ll be around campus for much of Spring Break, and near email at other times. The final version of your research paper is due Monday, May 2.

Notes from today, and homework for Wednesday 4/13

On Wednesday we’ll talk more about documentation: standards, methods and styles for citing text and non-text media. Please read Badke Ch. 9 and browse Purdue OWL’s APA and MLA Style sections. I should have graded and returned most of your research paper drafts by Wednesday or Thursday. If I return your draft to you as an email attachment, please acknowledge that you are able to open and read the attached document. If you have questions about how comments and track changes work, or how to accept or reject changes and delete comments, please get in touch. Please be aware that I have changed the due date for the final version of the research paper from Wednesday, April 27 to Monday, May 2.
We will also talk a little bit about the final documentation project & presentation, due on the last day of class.