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Research Strategies

After write my annotated bibliography I came up with many idea and things that can be very interesting for my first draft. My intentions before developing my paper is to first write down notes on all the ideas that I do want to talk about.  In previous research papers what I would after writing down all my idea on paper I would try putting them in order of sequence just to make sure that everything sounded like it was in place. secondly I would turn the notes into an outline which would help me allot because my outline would turn into my research paper with enough information.

-Irelis Pimentel



Recently we have been introduced to many new forms of sources engines and how to look for better information in the web. To do a research paper we usually are so use to using sources like Google, Yahoo and Bing that we don’t release that maybe this resources are not giving us specific information. After using the keyword “social media” on the regular search engines  I noticed that many websites just contained either actual social medias or just had article about to have a successful social network. In the library sources it I have noticed that I find more broad in straight forward information about what are social networks and what just focus on different topic about social networks. With this said I feel that the library sources are allot more accurate and useful verses the everyday research engines.

-Irelis Pimentel


After doing research on my paper now for and using different sources like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. I found it very hard to find good sources that could be legit and useful. After learning about Google scholar today I actually found as a life saver for this research paper. it is very well organized and extremely useful . I found many article and books that talk specifically on my topic and another really good interesting thing that I also noticed it expanded my idea on what else I should ask question myself about the topic. Google scholar is so far the best research source that I have used that takes me straight to  the type of information I’m looking for.

-Irelis Pimentel


This research paper to many seem to that it’s going to be a fun and interesting one to develop. So far I haven’t been able to settle on the topic I’m must interested in thought. Some of the topic that have crossed my mind are : How social network are affecting the new generation in terms of communicating with society, and another one would be how can we change are research methods into becoming easier for college and high school students? So far I am must interested in my first question because it seem more broad and interesting for today’s generation. The techniques that I am trying to use for my research are looking on how social networks have affected the new generation outside the country negatively and positive and how does it reflect in the US. The hardest part that I have had is actually come up with more questions to make my paper more interesting.

-Irelis Pimentel

HW 3/7 Folksonomy


 TAGING DATABASE!! Tags are the new stress relievers for many web users and people who enjoy looking for valuable information on the web. Yes, many times they might not be as valuable as we might think but without tags in database we might be stranded forever in the cyber world. Folksonomy is the use of tagging data on the internet to make it easier for users to be able to find URL, images, articles, people and etc. For all you web heads out there sit back and imagine how life would be without Google, Yahoo, or basically with no TAGs  on information on what you’re looking for! Yes it would suck. Tags are very useful in today’s cyber life it’s just easily allows us to look for information more easily, more efficient and basically just look for information that is straight to the point.

-Irelis Pimentel


Today there are so many different types of source engines that we can use all over the web. There are many common source engines and many “bootleg” as we like to say fake ones. But is that the real case of way people are not able to find what they are actually looking for in the web? Well according to Badke it’s not the source engine that you use in looking for information but how you look for it. I totally agree with this concept and the way that it is described. Badke explains that what we need to focus on are KEYWORDS when we are looking for information. Many time we don’t realize that looking for information also takes time to look so the right one.  We can just type any on a source engine we need to be specific, and use key words that would lead us straight into the necessary information instead so we have minimize our search and go straight to the point of what we are trying to look for.

-Irelis Pimentel


What do young individuals consider plagiarism? In today society plagiarism is done in everywhere . Plagiarism can be harmful in many ways but in my prospective can be in some way educational. When I say this I don’t expect a person to just take an article and just write their name on it but what I am trying to say is that there is a limit on what we like to use from a source and just use it for our own knowledge. In the article the President of Hamilton university knew that it was wrong on plagiarizing in his speeches especially when knowing as a lead of a university it will raise eyebrows but what I asked myself when reading the article is didn’t he just use it as reference or as a note to look back to? Many colleges have high standards when it come to plagiarism and many will not tolerate this act, but I feel that if a person does take part in it there should just be a warning instead of being expelled.


Political Research

Yes indeed MONEY is power! Money is what millions of people wish they had more of no matter how old you are money is the key to get what you want and when you want. Even in today upper class many educated people still are not able to have funds to get there information out there to the public. The government has many reasons for this though it can either be people expose information that shouldn’t be leaked or it can be information that takes up a lot of research that government would like to keep to a limit. The article “The Politics of Research” by B. Martin explains that people with valuable information are not able to put of their information out there because they don’t have the money to succeed their research. Its unfortunate that researchers that have good information are not able to do this because they do work hard on what they do. In today’s current events we only get half stories or stories that the public does not really care about because of the fact that only people with money are able to get their information out there. What I believe individuals should do is find alternative ways that can allow them to expose their research because there is always away.

-Irelis Pimentel



Today’s generation have all seemed to follow many different social networks whether it was MySpace, Facebook, twitter, word press, tumbler and etc. A social network allows us to know more about a person, even if its information we shouldn’t know. In social network we put our life out there for the public to see. Why? Well, the answer to that would really depend on the person and what kind of social network your joing. Many people can use it for business, school related, personal, in search of love, and for many more purposes. The question that raises a lot of eyebrows about social networking is why can’t we have social networking like we us to IN PERSON! Many feel that social networking has changed society because people don’t know how to express themselves in paper or in person now. People have lost their communication of voice and fail to see the down fall of social networking.


After reading this article I was left unsure on how to feel about the British rock band and their decision. I was trying to see if it is wrong for them choosing the route that they did, on allowing their music to be either free or on the fans free will on the donation that they would like to give. In today’s society there are many forms of being able to download free music and to access free streaming. I do not agree in fact that many people today are not buying CD’s or actually purchasing song because of the fact many of these artist spend time and dedication to do what they do best. With that said though, Radiohead wanted to lets their fans access their music for free by choice and if they wanted to leave a donation it was optional.  The fact they decided in my opinion to do it that way was a very interesting way to see how many fans they had and how many they can gain if they was to make another album when they released another album, or fans would actually donate more money then what they would have actually paid for the album.

-Irelis Pimentel