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“The Perfect Paper”
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Jeffrey Brown, Lenin Mendez, Irelis Pimentel


Strategies: 1st draft

After finishing up the research proposal and the annotated bibliography I was at a cross roads thinking “Hmm, What do I do now?” Personally I would tried to find a few more articles, and some more information if it was possible.

With this research draft I will definitely use one of my sources from my Annotated Bibliography to start me off. This usually helps me get lifted out of the divot I am usually in when I start a paper. The same spot almost everyone is in when they start writing something.  I compare this start to someone pushing me down a hill. It just gets me rolling so that I can finish strong.

But theres just one thing I do not understand about research papers that I will also ask on tomorrows class. What is the point of research papers? To be more specific, what is a research paper trying to accomplish? Or what do you want our papers to accomplish? I have written two other research papers before and received decent grades. I have also read Badke’s input on what a research paper is. But what are you looking for Professor Leonard?

JB Research Journal progress

Well, so far I have come up with 3 ideas on what I should do my research paper on. Ethics: Would we have inventions & innovations without copyright laws?, Facebook: Is it truly a private profile? and Wikipedia: Verified or sourceless information?

The only thing I’ve used so far to get my topics were my real life experiences and questions. Usually when I come across something new in my life, I think about for a bit then move on. Now I just look at this as an excuse to finally go through will all of the questions I have for these topics.

I’ve used to brainstorm a few ideas and create a few graphs on each idea so I think I’ll be able to pick which I want to go with by the end of the week.

Search Engine Techniques 101

Sometimes, people go to find something in a search engine and end up seeing that they can’t find what they want. Sadface. Well, usually the problem is that they don’t write the correct words in. People go on the internet and write things like “How do I learn how to shoot with good accuracy in Halo 3 for Xbox 360”. Geeez, that all really isn’t necessary to get the right results, and that is a problem that we’re facing. Proper wording for search engines.

By simply downgrading a little and removing some words your search can become so much accurate. Try entering “Halo 3 accuracy” or “Aiming in Halo 3” it will make the search so much more precise. To get more advanced, there are other things like quotation marks[“… “] and parenthesis[(…)] that can effect the outcome of your search. There are even techniques for searching for more than one thing at a time like “Chicken and waffles”. Or if your looking for one thing without another like “Chicken but not waffles”. There are many different ways to do all of this, you just have to find which helps and which doesn’t.

The Intellectual Thiefs Ways…

“Plagiarism isn’t a bad thing simply because it’s an act of intellectual theft–although it is that. It’s a bad thing because it takes the place of and prevents learning.” – Maurice Isserman

Plagiarism: to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own.        In other words, STEALING. By plagiarizing you are thieving. Which is a crime by the way. Thats bad but it isn’t the worst part academically.

By plagiarizing you aren’t using that wonderful brain of yours. You are taking someone else’s work, calling it yours and going on about your business. Throughout this process you have not learned a thing. Intellectual theft and bliss ignorance.

A Thief takes things they see fit for taking and puts it to use as if it was theirs. They did not put any work towards getting it. They simply took it and used it happily. It is the exact same thing with intangible ideas, words, and reasons, therefore is wrong when used without consent, proper credit, and intentions.

“I know, I’ll make my profile private!!”

There is no privacy on Social Networking Sites (SNS). This is my opinion. Even through setting my facebook profile on private, I have seen some of my content on pages of people I didnt even know until i search what I wrote. “Sharing” buttons that was added to facebook awhile ago, takes the content of your friends and basically puts it on your profile as theirs. This takes the content that was escaping the view of others through private profiles and showing it to all of their friends as well.

In the article “Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?” The authors section about Mediated Publics expresses that the online environmental spaces can easily substitute for Non-mediated Publics. But each has a few unique properties. One property that Mediated Publics has is called “Replicability”. This is saying that, as I stated before, Information that you put up can easily be copied and placed somewhere without you having anything to do with it.

So in short, there can never be a truly private SNS because information is forever flowing whether it is from you or someone else.

Wikipedia? or We can deceive ya? YOU choose!

We all know that at least once in high school, while you were doing either a research paper, a simple biography on an author, or even just looking up a random famous dead persons name, that a teacher has told you not to use Wikipedia. Speaking of Wikipedia, that is out topic. Wikipedia is a wonderful site where anyone with a brain and fingers can put some information about who, what, where, or how they know something. One the font page of the site, after selecting your language, it says The Free Encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit. Pause. I hope you caught that. ANYONE can edit ANYTHING on this site.

Do not get me wrong, there are vast amount of correct information on this site that can help thousands of millions of people. But any random psycho can also go onto hmm… I don’t know, Barrack Obama’s Wiki and say that he hates ponies and kicks puppies. We know its not true but hey you never know someone being quick to copy and paste something about Mr. Obama’s history can read the first sentence, see that its legit, but fail to realize that the rest is bogus. That is why I do not trust and/or use Wikipedia for important things anymore.

On the other hand, there are small excerpts of wiki site such as where fans of shows, magazines, sports, activities and other things build 99% trustworthy sites dedicated to the specific event. I often use the site above to keep up with the episode guide and important factors about the show I watch. Not once have I been deceived on this site.

To wrap this up, Wikipedia is a brilliant idea for a website. But it is to insecure to be trusted for vital information if you have no knowledge of the topic. It would never be my first line of offence. Try another site, get an idea, and then if you really want to, come back and decipher between right and wrong on your own.  You choose!!! ^_^

1 buck a CD? Nah I’ll do my own thing.

The record companies of Radiohead make just as much or more as the group itself. Therefore if Radiohead itself was to sell the merchandise itself then the middle-man, the record company, was to be eliminated, then there sould be more profit. Now if they ended up making less money then I would revert back to the record companies, because going independent can be very difficult without a plan.

As mentioned in the article “Radiohead’s ‘Rainbows’: Is Free Release A Potential Pot of Gold?” By David Malitz, “Most number crunchers agree that a band with a major label earns roughly $1 for every CD sold. If enough listeners donate more than five bucks, this could be an almost lucrative venture for Radiohead.” So in other words they have the potential to make a lot of profit. I’m sure they are not the first group to do this but they will be the first I have heard of selling their music on their own even though they already established such a name for themselves with a record company backing them up.