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CUNY+ vs. Search Engines

With search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Ask etc., you can use as many phrases as you want to search for information. Sometimes your whole phrases to appear up after clicking search and sometimes they don’t. When using the CUNY+ database, you are allow to use certain keywords to find your information. You were allow to used no more then 3 words while searching in the CUNY’s database, otherwise your search was going to be to inaccurate. When searching Google, I was able to find accurate search using phrases like, “social networking affecting education,” or “facebook education,” or “image of social media affecting education.” With the CUNY+ I had to enter narrowed keywords such as, “social networking”, “social media,” or education social networking.”


.Journal Post. for March 23, 2011

While doing my research for my paper about social networking affecting education, I would say that Google Scholar is so far the best source outside school scholarly website/databases. With Google Scholar is very easy accessible in our home computer. Since Google is so popular and used more widely, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, etc., search toolbar aren’t so good. I’ve found many articles relating to my topic, so it would be very useful for my research paper to become more interesting.

“One student was refused an education degree with the accompanying teaching certificate because of her MySpace photograph, which was deemed “unprofessional.”” This quote was in this article that I approach while doing my scholarly search. Here’s the link to the article, if you would like to read further on: Online Social Networking Issues Within Academia and Pharmacy Education

My Research Topic

I think the topic I will be writing about is: How is social networking affecting education positively and negatively? I think this would be a good topic because nowadays thats all what students are on: Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, etc.) It affects education negatively due to distraction in school, failure, and sleepiness in class. It affects it positively by communicating amongst peers and learning new technology ideas. I am finding alot of articles about my topic which is good so I would have a lot of information for my paper. Now the hard part is writing this topic proposal of mine. I personally don’t have social networking because of distraction and I wouldn’t be able to focus in school. It’s either you choose social life or furthering education?

Chapter Two In The Badke Book

In Chapter Two, Badke describes ways on writing a research paper. First thing first you must have an interesting topic that you would like to write about. Don’t just choose a topic out of the blue and expect to write 8-10 pages about it when you know you are going to lack information. Professors likes interesting paper with lots of information instead of a irrelevant paper. Badke discusses different ways to choose a topic and how to break it down with the five W’s ( who, what, when, where, why). Once you fill in the blanks of the five W’s then you can actually go in-depth with the topic. Also when you are given a research paper, you should take your time doing it; not all at once. If you wait to do it last-minute it will be a nightmare for you.

Searching in the Engines.

In Research Strategies, by William Badke, he discuss accurate and better ways of searching the web. You can go on the web and use words like OR and AND to find better chances in your search. Also you should use certain keywords to search for articles or websites containing information about what you are looking for.

I was taught in high school that the way you can find specific information for your idea/topic is by putting entering the words and have quotation closing them. Once you hit search you will have many website pages appear on the site with the specific words you had quoted.

don’t fool with your writing….

Some people think its okay to just burrow someone else’s works or idea and use it as their own. But actually in real life it’s not…It’s okay to use someone else works IF you site and give credit to them.

I remember in high school when my teacher used to give group projects in our technical class. In my group I had five people. Each person in the group was assign a different part of the project. My part was to design the model. Another student was to design poster and the other was to track down on paper our schedule and progress. And their were two other students left. One had to speak in front of the class and the other had to write a paper on behalf of the group.

The day we presented everyone was amazed because we had the best presentation amongst all. The student who had to speak, read our paper out loud. I was thinking it was a really good paper and that the student wrote it actually took his time and work hard on his paper.

One week later, our teacher gives us back our project and on the written the teacher wrote to see her after class. We went to see the teacher and she told us that we had to go to the principal office due to PLAGIARISM. I was shocked!! I never committed a thing like that due to the strict rule of plagiarism. Our principal wanted to suspend everyone, but student admitted that he plagiarized because he didn’t have time and saw how hard we work on our project and that the paper was really important to us, so he just copy and paste the information and just changed a couple words up. So he got suspended after that.

Social Networking Affecting Education

Social Networking is taking over! It’s what everyone is using. Social networking is mostly used by teenagers and even kids starting the age of nine. These networks online allows users to post pictures, videos, comment, information about yourself so others who are viewing you can view you. Social network is being used everyday and every second by children. It has become an effect to education. Students are more focused on social networking than their homework. After everyone decides to do go to sleep, then children are deciding to do their homework at midnight and aren’t getting enough sleep. Once they wake up for school it’s either they don’t go or they fall asleep in class. Students also tend to fail their tests/quizzes in school due to social networking, since they don’t have time to study or take a look at their notes.

Social Networking is also not private. Anyway and any how anyone is able to find out your information that you post. Technology has grown that your able to find internet options to unlock private pages or ideas. There is many options that you can do on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to set certain parts of your profile on private. But otherwise not everything is private. Let’s say there is a person whom you don’t like, but yet your nosy to find out what that person is posting on thier page. You can simple ask one of your friends to log in their account who has that person as a friend and you simply can view their page.

Politics and Research

Money, money, money! That is what everything is now these days. If you dont have money, you don’t have a roof under you or any food to feed you if you are hungry. If you have higher education you would have a better job and paid salary but the money wouldn’t be enough. In the article, “The Politics of Research,” summarizes how people with valuable knowledge on a topic isn’t able to succeed due to money issues. Even having power is very powerful. Government are able to fund their research so they can succeed. Some people try to fund there research through universities since universities are fund by the government. It’s really hurtful that not all information is being presented in this world. Information is presented everyday, but not EVERYTHING. Some scientists or engineers have some great ideas to express to the world, but due to financially they aren’t able to conduct the research that can change the world.

Wikipedia dot com

Wikipedia is actually a great website for resources. Most of there information is accurate. I remember before in high school when doing a research paper, teachers would say don’t use Wikipedia. They said how Wikipedia wasnt accurate because anyone can change any type of information on the website just by creating a account with Wikipedia. I find Wikipedia is useful because people always are adding new ideas about the topics, which gives us more information about the topics we research. I feel as if people are wrong in the criticism about Wikipedia. No website or news is always accurate with information. There is just too much information in this world to report. Nobody ever knows every single detail of a idea or story. Any website can always carry some kind of false words.

Media, Blogging, and Wikis

It’s amazing how technology has grown so quick. It has advance communication with people also. Before newspaper were just words on paper which were created by typewriters. Then Daguerre and Nicephore invented the daguerreotype which was a form of photography. People were able to read the newspaper by just looking at the picture. They felt as if the picture was telling the story. Marconi invented wireless which made it possible for reporting news on the radio. Technology in media has grown by computers. Now computers made it easier for researching and for news. You can read the news on the computer in seconds.

Now its easy to post your own news online by blogging. Blogging can be found on free blogging websites. It allows you to post your own type of ideas and words. Many people are able to read from it and also comment on what you can say. Wikis are posts that can be edit from any computer and saved back on the website. Anyone is able to change whatever is stated.