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Homework for March 28

On Monday, March 28 we’ll be discussing (and doing!) database searching to locate articles from news sources and scholarly sources. Please read Badke, ch. 5, pp. 76-95. Your blogging assignment is to write one research journal blog post. Below is the prompt:

Do a search on your research topic in at least one internet search engine and one library resource, like the CUNY+ catalog.
What words or phrases did you use to search?
What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

Slides from today are here.

~Prof. L


Your homework for March 2

On Wednesday we’ll be discussing information ethics, including copyright and fair use, plagiarism, and open access. Please read and watch the following 2 readings and 2 videos:

Your assignment is to write one reading response blog post and comment on at least one blog post.

Looking ahead to next week, on Monday, March 7 there will be a mini reading comprehension quiz on the readings for that day.

A pdf of today’s slides is here.