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My Research Topic

I think the topic I will be writing about is: How is social networking affecting education positively and negatively? I think this would be a good topic because nowadays thats all what students are on: Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, etc.) It affects education negatively due to distraction in school, failure, and sleepiness in class. It affects it positively by communicating amongst peers and learning new technology ideas. I am finding alot of articles about my topic which is good so I would have a lot of information for my paper. Now the hard part is writing this topic proposal of mine. I personally don’t have social networking because of distraction and I wouldn’t be able to focus in school. It’s either you choose social life or furthering education?


Code of Best Practices

After reading this piece, I feel that there are times that we need to be reminded about best practices when using media literacy for education. I piece that I felt most important are the five principles. Series of code that offer best practices for all types of groups, whether its grade school, or nonprofit organizations and or education purposes. Knowing and understanding the rules and regulations of copyrighted materials such as images,sound and text. Unfair use of these media information may lead to legal actions. But I think at a young age we are all taught the difference between our ideas and thoughts compared to someone else and calling it your own.

Fair Use, Copyright, and Best Practice Codes in Education

The document and video of The Code of Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy in Education, discussed the importance of a code of best practices that can help many educators teach but mainly those in the area of the media literacy environment. Through the video I was stunned to find out that there is a possibility that an instructor can be at fault if they were to show a video in class. Many instructors in this video expressed how sometimes they’re confused as to what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to teaching through the means of copyright material in their classroom. This document also expresses that, “Educational guidelines have often hurt more than they have helped.” Many of these instructors are at a loss of frustration and confusion when it comes to these guidelines because they believe that they should follow all the guidelines that are decided by the experts, which are actually non-lawyers. The author of this document also feels that educators should propose the most coherent plan in order to improve and change their rights so that they can assure themselves of being able to have the rights of fair use. I think the use of the best practice codes will be very beneficial to many of the educators who feel at a loss when it comes to copyright material.

I also agree with the document when it states that, “Media literacy education helps people of all ages to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens.” I agree with this statement because I actually feel more comfortable when videos or power points are visually presented in a classroom. Sometimes students are able to acknowledge the material that is being taught more by the instructor if they are given some sort of visual example.  I actually find it challenging in one of my other courses to be able to understand when the material is sometimes being only taught and presented through the blackboard because the instructor’s hand writing is difficult to read or when it is verbally spoken by the instructor because her fast pace of verbally teaching the material is difficult to comprehend and to understand through her accent. Therefore, copyright videos and power points are sometimes the better solution for getting the lesson across to the students, it also helps to develop a good learning experience by being able to visually see, read and understand the material that is being presented.

-Astrid Sarmiento

Social Networking Affecting Education

Social Networking is taking over! It’s what everyone is using. Social networking is mostly used by teenagers and even kids starting the age of nine. These networks online allows users to post pictures, videos, comment, information about yourself so others who are viewing you can view you. Social network is being used everyday and every second by children. It has become an effect to education. Students are more focused on social networking than their homework. After everyone decides to do go to sleep, then children are deciding to do their homework at midnight and aren’t getting enough sleep. Once they wake up for school it’s either they don’t go or they fall asleep in class. Students also tend to fail their tests/quizzes in school due to social networking, since they don’t have time to study or take a look at their notes.

Social Networking is also not private. Anyway and any how anyone is able to find out your information that you post. Technology has grown that your able to find internet options to unlock private pages or ideas. There is many options that you can do on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to set certain parts of your profile on private. But otherwise not everything is private. Let’s say there is a person whom you don’t like, but yet your nosy to find out what that person is posting on thier page. You can simple ask one of your friends to log in their account who has that person as a friend and you simply can view their page.

Politics and Research

Money, money, money! That is what everything is now these days. If you dont have money, you don’t have a roof under you or any food to feed you if you are hungry. If you have higher education you would have a better job and paid salary but the money wouldn’t be enough. In the article, “The Politics of Research,” summarizes how people with valuable knowledge on a topic isn’t able to succeed due to money issues. Even having power is very powerful. Government are able to fund their research so they can succeed. Some people try to fund there research through universities since universities are fund by the government. It’s really hurtful that not all information is being presented in this world. Information is presented everyday, but not EVERYTHING. Some scientists or engineers have some great ideas to express to the world, but due to financially they aren’t able to conduct the research that can change the world.

Political Research

Yes indeed MONEY is power! Money is what millions of people wish they had more of no matter how old you are money is the key to get what you want and when you want. Even in today upper class many educated people still are not able to have funds to get there information out there to the public. The government has many reasons for this though it can either be people expose information that shouldn’t be leaked or it can be information that takes up a lot of research that government would like to keep to a limit. The article “The Politics of Research” by B. Martin explains that people with valuable information are not able to put of their information out there because they don’t have the money to succeed their research. Its unfortunate that researchers that have good information are not able to do this because they do work hard on what they do. In today’s current events we only get half stories or stories that the public does not really care about because of the fact that only people with money are able to get their information out there. What I believe individuals should do is find alternative ways that can allow them to expose their research because there is always away.

-Irelis Pimentel