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reading blog chap 1&8

Badke’s research introduces how reading documents from the printing press evolved to digital readings. I agree that before people use to read documents or books by going to the library and taking out something physical you can carry. Now from that invention the printing press the books or any kind physical of literature is now being digitize to the World Wide Web. People can now read books online or any kind of document instead of taking out a book from the library.  Although looking for readings online is easier I think we should have both styles digital and physical. I strongly agree that online readings can sometimes be false information than a book publishes from the author. Before there were gatekeepers determining what literatures were valid and invalid but now any one can post anything on the wed even readings that might be false.

Badke’s also gave good advice for readers to waste less time in reading the whole material when it comes to research projects. Looking at the context of the author and the index of the material can be helpful in your search for finding facts. Taking notes like quotes as you read along can be a great asset for you in your research.


Homework for Wednesday, February 2

For Wednesday, please read chapter 1 and chapter 8 from the Badke textbook. Your first blog post of at least 100 words is due at the beginning of class. Please remember to come to class prepared with one question about the reading to get our discussion started.

In Chapter 8, Badke describes how to read in the face of a looming research assignment, when a large amount of varied resources all need your attention. For weekly reading assignments (for this course and others!), be sure to read carefully, closely, and slowly.

In chapter 1, Badke gives a broad historical overview of human communication from preliterate times to the present. As you read, pay attention to the range of technologies that have facilitated human communication throughout history. Also consider how the roles of “gatekeepers” have changed. Can you think of examples of gatekeeping? With the tools of publishing and distributing information widely spread, is the role of the gatekeeper more or less important?

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