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Homework & Reading for Monday, March 21

Your research topic proposal is due on Monday, March 21, at the BEGINNING of class. Please see the guidelines or contact me by email if you have questions. We will discuss internet searching. Please read Badke Ch. 6 (all) and Ch. 7 pp. 122-124. Please also watch the web search strategies video from Common Craft.

Today we tried out the Assignment Calculator and viewed Badke’s research tutorial in class. I also mentioned Zotero, a Firefox add-on that helps you store, organize and cite your sources. Slides from today are available here.


Digital Age

Digital Age

History has a major impact on the future especially  when it come to transforming media, current events, and upgrading technology. In Pavlik, Media in the Digital Age, it is explained how  many inventions like electromagnetic telegraph inventions of the radio and television. The fact that we were able to tell a story with images to help explain an event has helped many writers and the press.

Even thought we are impressed in the fact that many of these inventions have came about throughout history, we are also impressed of how technologies rapid increase has changed society as well. Internet has slowly taken over the world of media. It is now very rare that you would find people buying newspaper, magazines, or even a book because of the fact that the internet has been able to proved everything for us whether it is directly on our computers, phones, and now e-readers. The Internet world has made everyone that post blogs, write article expressing their personal opinions on things and people that own social networks all journalist.

– Irelis Pimetel