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The future of Digital Media

One of my beloved topics of discussion. Everything that you can possibly think of has either been digitized or is in the process of being digitized. After running through the readings along with the articles and finally watching a few videos i can only think “Look how far we have come”. Technology has allowed the world to share media by the click of a button, the swipe of a screen or even the sound of your voice! Yes our voices can now command just about any ipod or computer by voice recognition. Dr. John Pavlik book seems to carry useful information on where digital media has came from and where it can possibly be heading. Although i have only read a few pages, i myself began to think where digital media is heading. Who needs paper now? Well i personally dont, and i dont think any one does. Can you just imagine if the government discontinued pencil and paper manufacturing because of the advancements in digital media? Would you honestly have a problem with the government attempting to make life simpler? A lot of good would come from that technically and environmentally. I will save the rest for class discussion so the Prof. wont complain about me going over 100 words. (I already did)


Media, Blogging, and Wikis

It’s amazing how technology has grown so quick. It has advance communication with people also. Before newspaper were just words on paper which were created by typewriters. Then Daguerre and Nicephore invented the daguerreotype which was a form of photography. People were able to read the newspaper by just looking at the picture. They felt as if the picture was telling the story. Marconi invented wireless which made it possible for reporting news on the radio. Technology in media has grown by computers. Now computers made it easier for researching and for news. You can read the news on the computer in seconds.

Now its easy to post your own news online by blogging. Blogging can be found on free blogging websites. It allows you to post your own type of ideas and words. Many people are able to read from it and also comment on what you can say. Wikis are posts that can be edit from any computer and saved back on the website. Anyone is able to change whatever is stated.