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My Research Topic

I think the topic I will be writing about is: How is social networking affecting education positively and negatively? I think this would be a good topic because nowadays thats all what students are on: Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, etc.) It affects education negatively due to distraction in school, failure, and sleepiness in class. It affects it positively by communicating amongst peers and learning new technology ideas. I am finding alot of articles about my topic which is good so I would have a lot of information for my paper. Now the hard part is writing this topic proposal of mine. I personally don’t have social networking because of distraction and I wouldn’t be able to focus in school. It’s either you choose social life or furthering education?


For Wednesday, March 16

On Wednesday we’ll continue discussing the research process: refining a topic, creating search strategies, and outlining your paper based on the research you have done. Please read Badke, Appendix 1 pp. 177-195 and review Badke Ch. 3 pp. 34-41. Please comment on at least one blog post and write one research journal blog post. Here is the research journal blog post prompt:

You are working on choosing a topic and developing a research question for your paper. What difficulties (if any) have you encountered as you work on your research proposal?

What strategies (if any) have you used successfully during this work?

What questions (if any) do you have about the assignment?

Slides from today are available here.

Help with choosing a topic for the research project

I want to post a few sites that offer help with choosing and narrowing down topics for research projects. I really like Choosing a Topic from the OWL of Purdue University. Selecting a Research Topic from Weber State University breaks the process down into 8 simple steps. More like a project management site than strictly advice for research topic refinement, the Assignment Calculator lets you plug in your topic and due dates, and creates a research and writing schedule for you so you stay on track with your project.

As I said in class, I’ve helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of students get started with their research projects, and I can remember only one case where a student’s proposed topic was too narrow to be manageable. The vast majority of paper topics are too broad to work for a medium-length research paper. For example, privacy on the internet would be too broad to write about in 5-8 pages, but a question like, “Should the government have the right to monitor private email and telecommunications in order to fight terrorism?” is more focused. Choose a subject that interests you, and please contact me with your questions.

Does anyone have any tried-and-true methods for developing a good research question? Let us all know in the comments.

Have a good weekend! ~Prof. L.