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First draft strategies

For my first draft of my research paper I will be using many techniques I have used in the past and for the first time I will use sources that I had never used before. For my research papers I usually take notes of my sources in addition to some other sources not noted in my bibliography. I only take notes of important things that each article or book states,information not found in the other sources for the most part. For the first time I will also be using ebooks in my paper which is a source I have never used before but have come to find very helpful in this researching process. The badke book surprisingly has also been a very helpful source which I have been using to help me in how to approach every step I have been taking.


Strategies For The First Draft

The strategies that I have taken so far to begin writing my first draft is to stay focus in the topic that I have chosen. Sticking to my topic will help me to not get off track. I will also try to write one idea per paragraph that way all my ideas are well organized. Understanding the question or the main idea of what my research paper will be about, will enable me to just stick to what I will like to findout. Reading and highlighting the most important details and quotes in my sources will help me to pick out the main points that I will like to include in my first draft. Taking notes from the material that I have read will also help me out in my first draft. Making a list or schedule will also be very beneficial in order to help me stay in task and to submit my first draft on time or even earlier. By doing free writing or creating an outline I will also be able to break up and sum up my ideas. For now I feel pretty confident on how I have started my first draft. After I’m done I will read it over and check for any grammatical errors.

-Astrid Sarmiento