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google, yahoo, bing, is there a differance?

Plenty of people use these search engines everyday, and plenty of people have their own reasons for using the one they do. Some use one because its their default or because its their favorite. There are a few minor diferances between them such as bing and google, google tends to adapt to the user and find ads and the website that may suit the user more. While I’ve noticed that bing just gives you the most looked at page. Personally I use google just because it is my browsers default. All of the sites use the method of tags to find a website, the more specific you are about what you search it will help you find what you are looking for a lot faster.


HW 3/7 Folksonomy


 TAGING DATABASE!! Tags are the new stress relievers for many web users and people who enjoy looking for valuable information on the web. Yes, many times they might not be as valuable as we might think but without tags in database we might be stranded forever in the cyber world. Folksonomy is the use of tagging data on the internet to make it easier for users to be able to find URL, images, articles, people and etc. For all you web heads out there sit back and imagine how life would be without Google, Yahoo, or basically with no TAGs  on information on what you’re looking for! Yes it would suck. Tags are very useful in today’s cyber life it’s just easily allows us to look for information more easily, more efficient and basically just look for information that is straight to the point.

-Irelis Pimentel

Tagging your blog posts

Assigning tags to your blog posts is a good way to let your classmates and me know what your post is about. The “post tags” feature is on the lower right side of the WordPress dashboard. You can choose from the most used tags, or create your own that best describe your blog post.

I evaluate your blog posts partly on whether you have chosen appropriate tags; see the blogging guidelines for the grading rubric. Usually two or three tags are sufficient to describe the topic of your post. The tags you choose will show up at the bottom of your post, and a tag cloud of all tags used by all of us appears on the blog.  The tag cloud is dynamic; it will change and grow as we tag the blog content with more tags. You can read more about tagging blog posts in WordPress here.

~Prof. Leonard